Natālija Jansone

Ms. Natalija Jansone is a well-known and recognised designer in Latvia. She has been invited to design for various stage shows and performances, to create advertising collections for different brands and has done styling for popular public places, such as hotels, bars and restaurants. Her interest towards Asian, especially Korean culture has to be brought out – Ms Jansone has studied the Korean language and tradition.

Natalija Jansone has studied at St. Petersburg University, Faculty of Eastern Philology from 1985–1990; and extended her knowledge at Yonsenj Universitu, Seoul from 1994–1995.

She graduated faculty of Eastern sciences, department – Korean Filology. She was working as advisor at onourable consulship of the Republic of Korea. In 1997 made her first collection “Cukurs”. From 1998 until 2005 was making collection from couturier and was working as fasion designer at Latvian National Opera. Since 2005 make collection for women and in 2007 arose new line of clothes for kids. 2005 – 2007 she won a competiton, organised by EU for european designers. The prize was participation in exposure “EU Gateway to Japan” and already in 2005 signed up the first order on cloth production. So now clothes from Natalia Jansone is possible to buy not only in Latvia, but also in Japan. That is why Natalija was nominated for “Eksporta gada balva 2006″.