The 37th RIGA FASHION WEEK — fashion as part of art


From October 20th to 25th, the Latvian capital will host the Riga Fashion Week. This season, the main theme chosen is art, with inspiration drawn from the authenticity of metamodernism for the main image. The program for the week includes fashion shows by Latvian and international designers on the runways of Hanzas Perons, Zunda Towers, and Eviart Gallery, two exhibitions, seminars for industry professionals, as well as thematic events.

The main image of the season was created using a neural network by the operational engineer Olga Golovko. In response to the eternal question of whether fashion is art, an affirmative answer is visually discerned, giving rise to the following question: Is visual material created by artificial intelligence considered art?

"Despite Andy Warhol stating back in the 60s that 'Fashion is more art than art itself,' debates periodically arise about whether fashion can be considered a form of art. In the image of the 37th Riga Fashion Week, multi-styling is combined with irony and openness. The diversity of expressive means creates a play between the naivety of modernism and the skepticism of postmodernism. Instead of a complex fantastical image, I created a 'simple' work, akin to photography. This is my attempt to feel the boundaries of art," comments Olga.

The centerpiece of the upcoming Fashion Week is a model in a bright red minimalist noname coat paired with a light pink glossy prêt-à-porter hat inspired by 1960s swim caps. Her introverted, makeup-free beauty contrasts with the vibrant colors, creating, at first glance, a dissonance, but upon closer inspection, a profound emotional impression.

RFW general partner: shopping mall Stockmann.

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