The Riga Fashion Week will open with a seminar on sustainable fashion by leading experts from Scandinavia, Germany, and the Baltics


The Baltic Fashion Federation continues to increase the level of industry professionals' knowledge on the eco-agenda.

Integrating sustainability principles into the development of a designer brand is a broad concept that requires significant expansion of management competencies, greater efforts to improve production processes, and special attention to the product at all stages of its creation. This season, the organizer of the RIGA FASHION WEEK, the Baltic Fashion Federation, continues to increase the level of industry professionals' knowledge on the topic of the eco-agenda. Thus, the opening event on April 18 will be the international seminar "Sustainable Fashion: Stereotypes and Reality #2".

The basis of the seminar program is the discussion of a complex of measures and actions aimed at creating an eco-oriented designer brand by practicing international experts. Christina Iskov, Head of Innovation and Academy at Global Fashion Agenda (Denmark), will talk about the global agenda in the fashion industry, as well as the importance of innovation and education. Agnieszka Knera (Poland), Manager for Sustainable Development at H&M, will continue the theme of production cycles, while Maria Voth Velasco (Germany), the founder of Turtlehorn, will discuss ways of upcycling. Katrine Lee Larsen, founder and CVO of Copenhagen Cartel (Denmark), has prepared a presentation on creating a sustainable impact label. In turn, journalist and writer Tone Tobiasson (Norway) will update the topic of how the Scandinavian-Baltic alliance can effectively integrate the EU's textile strategy, taking into account the current regulations of the European Fashion Alliance.

"We, AJ Power Recycling, are proud to support RIGA FASHION WEEK and collaborate with industry leaders to promote positive change. We believe that by showcasing innovative design and sustainable development methods, RFW inspires both textile industry insiders and consumers to adopt more responsible consumption habits. By leading conscious textile upcycling efforts, we can help the fashion industry reduce waste and move towards a more eco-friendly future," commented Solveiga Grīsle, AJ Power Recycling's Member of Board.

Among the Latvian experts participating in the seminar on April 18 will be Dace Akule, a resident of the non-governmental organization Green Liberty (on the topic of "Sorting, Recycling, and Utilizing of Textile Products in Latvia and EU Countries"), Ekaterina Kuzmina, a representative of Riga Technical University (on the topic of "Redefining the Future of the Fashion Industry"), as well as AJ Power Recycling's Member of Board, Solveiga Grīsle ("Textile Recycling: The Future of Fashion Design").

The seminar is primarily aimed at fashion designers, both young and experienced, who have their own production and are developing exports, and is open to anyone interested. More information about the program can be found at: Admission is by pre-registration. The cost of participation is 10 euros.

This season, the 36th Riga Fashion Week will take place from April 18 to 21.

The official partner of RFW for sustainable development is AJ Power Recycling.

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